Museum of Science and Industry celebrates National Robotics Week

Museum of Science and Industry celebrates National Robotics Week

Robots have been a big topic at our house lately. We made our simple "robot" craft for Chicago Parent magazine a couple of months ago. And my kids recently watched Star Wars for the first time - so now they are liberally using the word "droid."

If your kiddos are into robots, I wanted to tell you about an opportunity to learn more about robots. In celebration of National Robotics Week (April 7-15), MSI will host a “Robot Revolution Block Party” displaying more than a dozen robots from around the world in the Museum’s Rotunda. Some of the robots on display throughout the week include:

  • Cubelets: Build your own robot by combining these small, magnetic blocks together! Due to the various sensors and logic patterns built into each block, no complex wiring or programming education is needed to create a robot that can drive around a tabletop or respond to light, sound and temperature.
  • Paro Therapeutic Robot:Looking more like a stuffed animal than a robot, Paro is a soft, furry seal that has helped reduce stress for hospital and nursing home patients. Paro has five different sensors that allow him to perceive people, and varying emotions and environments. He also recognizes voice direction—responding to different names, greetings and praise.
  • Palro: This humanoid robot can see, hear and walk. Palro is, well, your pal, and by making eye contact with you, can recognize your face, learn your name and have a complete conversation!
  • Anybot QB2: Anybots are at the forefront of a new type of communication called mobile telepresence—the new frontier of interactive communication. By adding remote-controlled mobility to videoconferencing, this new form of face-to-face communication is a truly futuristic experience.

On Saturday, April 14, guests the chance to hear from the inventors of these robots first-hand. For a complete schedule of these presentations, visit


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