Best idea ever: Color Wheel Studio Hosts Kid's Book Exchange

Best idea ever: Color Wheel Studio Hosts Kid's Book Exchange

So you obviously want your kids to have tons of books around the house so that they become avid readers, right? The downside of that is you end up with tons of books around your house. As your kids get older and their interests change, they outgrow their books and they need new ones. Of course, you can go to the library or book store to replentish your stock and donate unused reading material. But my friends at the Color Wheel Studio have come up with a perfect solution: a book exchange!

On May 19, Color Wheel Studio in Bucktown is hosting "Book for a Book" -- a free, old-fashioned book swap for the kids. Bring in your gently used books that your kids have outgrown or just don't read anymore to Color Wheel Studio before Friday, May 18. Then show up on Saturday May 19th from 12:00 - 5:00 you get to pick out all new (to you) reading material for the summer.

Won't cost you a DIME!  How cool is that? You bring one book, you can take one book. You bring ten books, you can take ten books.  We are getting our stack of books together to drop off. Can't wait to pick up some (free! free! free!) new summer reads.

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