Spring Break Activity: Make Robots!

Spring Break Activity: Make Robots!

I have been writing a monthly craft column for Chicago Parent for over three years now. I always "like" my monthly project (after all, I came up with the idea, shopped for the supplies, conducted trial run after trial run and then put the whole thing into words -- so I get attached). But the column in the March issue of Chicago Parent is one of my favorites. This month, we raided our tool box (which is frankly more crap, less actual tools), the kitchen junk drawer and our recycling bin to come up with all of the materials that we need to construct some pretty cute "robots."

Are these adorable little guys able to bring us breakfast in bed or help with math homework? No. So I guess that they are not technically robots -- but we had a ton of fun making them and we are getting a lot more use out of random bolts, forgotten stainless steel scrubbers and felt chair pads than we used to!

You can make these cute little guys at your house too! Check out the details here.





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  • Bender, Geoffrey Peterson, and C3PO thank you. R2D2 just beeps.

    However, unlike in the1960s, kids today should be able to make real robots. Any shopping site has robot kits, and apparently dirt cheap (especially compared to if junior gets a cut from the rim of the can).

  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for your comment. Building a working robot from a kit and repurposing materials from your recycling bin to make something fun and creative seem to be very different activities with very different objectives. Both good, just different.

    Also, you'll note that the instructions indicate the an adult should rim the edges of the can with electrical tape to prevent just the hazard that you mention.

    Have a good weekend!

  • I love this idea. My son is into robots and daughter obsessed with art projects. Definite Spring Break activity.

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