Skip the New Year's resolutions and think new family rituals instead

Skip the New Year's resolutions and think new family rituals instead
Skip New Years Resolutions and Think New Family Rituals Instead

Right now, many of you are contemplating aspirational “resolutions” for the new year. Maybe you are going to lose that extra 15 pounds of baby weight. Perhaps you are going to tackle your closets and put the perfect organizing system in place.

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but you probably aren’t going to really make any of those things happen. New Year’s resolutions don’t work out the vast majority of the time – and that includes the ones that you are making right now.

So that means that you probably shouldn’t go ahead and order jeans in a smaller size or imagine your perfectly organized closets in a future feature in Real Simple Magazine.

Despite the fact that resolutions usually don’t work out, I do believe that the start of a new year is a good time for self-reflection, planning and yes -- change. I just think that using the term resolution pretty much dooms you to failure.

Instead of making broad, sweeping, unrealistic proclamations, why not start small? Why not implement some manageable changes in your day-to-day life and work towards the lager goal (whatever that may be)? I’m talking about easy things – like taking the stairs instead of the escalator.

With the idea of rejecting resolutions in favor of more manageable steps, I consulted with experts in the following areas: fitness, healthy eating, organization and parenting. I asked each expert to recommend some new daily rituals that families could adopt (little by little – small steps, remember?) to work towards a larger objective.

And these experts came up with some really great ideas – ones that any of us could incorporate into our day-to-day lives in the coming weeks. You can read all about it in my story “New Year, new family rituals” in the January issue of Chicago Parent Magazine.

I wish you all well in the new year – whether you are making resolutions, adopting new rituals or just doing things like you’ve always done them.





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