The Back-to-School Bucket List

The Back-to-School Bucket List

My two oldest kids start school next Monday.

They are ready.

I am ready.

My two year-old Colin has declared that he is also ready to go to school and there will surely be tears on Monday when he realizes that he is coming home with me. All in due time, little guy.

Even though everything around me right now is all about back-to-school, I've been preparing for this busy time for months. In fact, I started shopping for new supplies and thinking about our to-do list back in June. Who wants to leave everything for the last minute rush (and by the way, everything is totally picked over by now anyway)?

So instead of a back-to-school rush, we've had more of a slow build. But the good news is that I think we're ready to go for the big first day (even though I will still have a little cry when I get back in the car after dropping them off).

  • New School Shoes. Check. Thank goodness for Zappos. We haven't been to an actual shoe store in years.
  • Hair Cuts. Done -- in early August. Again, love to miss the rush on this one.
  • New Lunch Bags. Our backpacks from last year are still in pretty good shape (no need to replace things that don't need replacing), but I insist on new lunch bags each year. Those things get funky. Brendan is especially jazzed about his new Lightening McQueen lunch bag (thanks to California Innovations for that).
  • Reusable Lunch Supplies. Speaking of lunch, I try to stock up on reuseable supplies at the beginning of each school year (and skip all of those little plastic baggies). We needed new water bottles, containers for fruit and snacks, thermoses and sandwich wraps. My go-to spot for all of these items is This place is one-stop lunch shopping.
  • My Anti-Lice Measures. That's right I said lice. You know that kids are your school have lice as we speak, right? In my research for a recent story about how parents can be proactive against lice, I learned that at any given time, 3% of kids have lice. I know. But there are measures you can take to be proactive against these nasty little bugs. I invest in a tea tree oil-based shampoo and spray for my kiddos. Every morning, I insist that my daughter put her hair up and I spray around her hairline. My son also gets a spray. I also check their hair every single week -- and you should do the same. Trust me. You can read more about this unpleasant, but important topic in my recent story in Chicago Parent Magazine.
  • Ā Uniforms. It was a small fortune, but we are ready to go (until my kids start losing all of their stuff -- which should start happening shortly).
  • School Supplies. I am grateful that my kids attend a school where parents just bring in a check for school supplies. This saves me running around Target looking for Kleenex and crayons. Simplifies things.

I think we're ready to go for next week. First day of school pics to come, of course. Now, we are off to enjoy one last summer weekend together. See you bright and early on Monday.

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