Calling all amazing home cooks!

Calling all amazing home cooks!

When I heard about Panera Bread's "Breaducation" competition, I immediately though of two of the best home cooks I know -- my husband and my brother. Both of them are just regular guys (and busy dads) with full-time jobs, but they love to cook for their families when they have the time. And I am lucky to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor (so yummy).

Although they do most of their cooking at home, both my husband and my brother have expressed a desire to take their cooking to the next level -- and "Breaducation" could be their chance.

The "Breaducation" challenge offers bread-lovers a one-of-a-kind cook-off competition that could make their culinary dreams come true. Throughout the month of August, Chicago-area home cooks can visit their nearest Panera Bread or visit to enter the competition by submitting a short essay (500 words or less) explaining their undying love for food.

The top three contestants will compete on Saturday, October 1st at Le Cordon Bleu where they will create recipes incorporating french baguettes into a decadent dish. Panera Bread head chef Tom Gumpel and “Chef'testant" Tiffany Derry from Bravo's Top Chef will be among a panel of judges choosing the winning dish. The Breaducation winner will receive a grand prize package from from Panera Bread and Le Cordon Bleu to kickstart their personal culinary dreams.

More details can be found at This contest ends August 31st so hurry up and get your entry in! I am totally going to encourage the fabulous home cooks in my life to enter! Good luck to all of you amazing cooks out there!

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