Families in the Loop: A New Resource for Families Like Yours


In the (short) seven years that I have been a parent, the local resources available to help moms and dads navigate the world of diaper duty, bedtime stories, and preschool applications have significantly improved.

I have a few sites that are my standard "go to spots" for local parenting information (you know, like Chicago Parent and NPN). But I've recently added another resource to my list of favorites.

Families in the Loop is a relatively new site devoted to making "the path of parenting fun, social and ever-evolving for Chicago moms and dads with young kids and to connect local families to the city's best resources." It sounds like a pretty ambitious goal -- but this site is really delivering on that promise.

FITL offers a varied calendar of events (for families and just moms & dads), plus
unique content and advice from local experts in a variety of
family-related fields.

We haven't had a chance to attend one of the popular FITL events yet
(their last Brunch and Boogie sold out!), but
the component of this site that really impresses me the most is the quality of the

It is not easy to consistently offer high quality, fresh takes
on the same parenting topics that seem to come up over and over again.
But Jamie Fishman and Wendy Widom, the smart and savvy moms behind FITL
are managing to do just that. With the help of their panel of "Gurus," FITL is tackling everything from how to get started with estate planning for your family's future to tips on how to use Twitter and advice on choosing the best sunscreen for your kids this summer.

Local experts such as Sarah Davis of Olive.You.Nanny, Steve Breden and
Brooks Watson of The Safety Squad, pediatric dietician Lara Field of FEED and
many more weigh in with their expertise. This is one impressive panel of advisors!  You can even ask these experts any questions you have and they just might answer them on the site.

If this sort of fresh take on parenting in Chicago sounds like something that is a good fit for you and your family, sign up for the FITL mailing list, take a peek at their Facebook Page, follow FITL on Twitter, plan to attend an upcoming event, or just bookmark the site so you can have a look from time to time. My guess is that you are going to like what you see. 

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