Nature's Architects opens at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

They've done it again over at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Opening today, the Nature's Architects exhibit highlights what the Museum does best: education for all ages mixed with fun, hands-on activities. Based on our sneak preview yesterday, I think that this exhibit is going to be the talk of the town this spring and summer.

Nature's Architects explores the skillful, creative and sometimes just plain fascinating ways that animals build their homes. Highlights of the exhibit include Monk parakeets, Paper Wasps, Orb Spiders, a fully functioning bee hive, and an ant colony. Interactive components include opportunities for visitors to weave their own spider's web, create a nest using their "beaks" just like a bird would, and climb through prairie dog tunnels.
At the end of the exhibit, kids have access to a LEGO station where they
can try their hand at creating a structure to add to an evolving LEGO
city scape. My four year-old was so thrilled that I had to literally pry
him away.

We loved that there were real, live animals in this
exhibit. This component really brought the experience to life (which is important
for little ones who often have a hard time connecting to these types of exhibits). I also appreciated
the many local tie-ins throughout the exhibit such as a wall devoted to the work of
Frank Lloyd Wright and very interesting information about the wild
parakeet population in Hyde Park (yes, seriously). We also loved the
"Tweet Home Chicago" local birdhouse design competition winners on
display on the entrance of the exhibit -- so many cool and creative

Nature's Architects has something to offer everyone. I learned a ton of new information and my four year-old can't stop talking about the bees, ants, birds and of course, the LEGOS. Good times for everyone. This exhibit runs through September 2011. Take a look at the photo gallery to learn more.


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