Listen to Your Mother!


Mother's Day gifts can be tricky business. So much of the Mother's Day advertising, marketing and general chatter has nothing to do with what moms really want -- which is just some quality time with the family (and maybe a homemade macaroni noodle necklace or something).

If you are searching for a Mother's Day gift with meaning, I have a suggestion for you -- buy two tickets to see Listen to Your Mother and spend the afternoon of Saturday, May 7th taking in a show about with motherhood -- with your mom (or another important mama-person in your life). The show includes "original humorous, poignant, and soulful words about the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested that is MOTHERHOOD."

The all-around fabulous Stephanie Precourt of Adventures in Babywearing fame has assembled a great line-up for the Northwest Indiana version of this national effort. The speakers include some very smart mamas -- including Meagan Francis, the author of The Happiest Mom (love her too).  

You can get your tickets here -- they are only $10 each.

Happy Mama's Day to all of you -- no matter how you are celebrating.


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