Jellies Opens at the Shedd Aquarium

The much anticipated new Jellies exhibit opened at the Shedd Aquarium yesterday and this morning we got a chance to take a look and see what all of the buzz is about. The jellies themselves are absolutely mesmerizing. Visitors (particularly little visitors) can get right up go the glass and watch the different varieties of jellies drift effortlessly through the water.

The exhibit includes a few interactive opportunities for kids, but not many. I think that interactive elements (i.e. "push this button" or "listen to this sound here") really help younger kids to connect to exhibits like this and learn a little bit along the way.  But honestly, my kids were just captivated by the jellies themselves. On the way home, my two year-old Colin told me, "I really loved seeing all those jelly beans today. So pretty."

Take a look at the photo gallery below to learn more.

Disclosure: I was invited to tour this new exhibit with my family and we received complimentary admission to the Shedd.


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