First-Rate Second Hand in Chicago Parent Magazine

So now that the weather is (finally) starting to warm up, are you finding that your kids needs tons of new things? Darn kids and their . . . . constant growing . . . and needing new things. It's hard to keep up with sometimes.

If you aren't already doing so, you should make use of the many quality resale and second shops in and around Chicago. These local businesses are a great way to get rid of all of the stuff that your kids don't need anymore and also pick up new items that they do need -- like outfits for Mother's Day, spring rain coats, and summer clothes for the playground.

I wrote a story in the March issue of Chicago Parent Magazine called First-Rate Second Hand with info on all of the best resale shops in the area -- plus tips from an expert on how to get the most for your money when you buy or sell second-hand. Have a look. You might learn a few new things about how to make the most of the stuff that is cluttering up your closets.

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