An opportunity from Edenhurst Studio (plus some cute pictures of my kiddos)

Back in November, Dana and Spencer Rogers of Edenhurst Studio (formerly Chi-Town Kid Photographic Arts) took some really amazing photos of my family. I've already shown you the fantastic holiday card they created for me, but I wanted share some additional images from the shoot.

I also wanted to tell about the special that they are running for the month of February. They are offering a 2-for-1 session fee. So you basically get to split the cost with a friend. Two sessions. One fee.

You have to call and reserve this deal in the month of February. And the session must take place before the end of March. Call Dana or Spencer for all of the details. Bottom line: If you are at all interested, you need to move kind of quick on this (call your friend tomorrow!). February is a short month, you know.

Want to get a better idea of Dana and Spencer's work? Take a look at the photo gallery below with some shots from our session (love, love, love all of these amazing photos).


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