The K. Grace Experience: Flexible and Convenient Babysitting in Chicago -- Part One

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The truth is that I don't actually get out all that much. Most days, I
am quite happy to just hang out at home tending to the needs of the
little people in my life. But sometimes Mommy needs to get some work
done -- or have a night out with Daddy -- or get my hair highlighted.
You know, the "stuff" that all moms sometimes need to do.

But I
absolutely cannot focus on my work or enjoy my "personal time" unless I
am confident that my kiddos are in the care of a competent and kind
caregiver. And as all of you parents out there know, finding competent
and kind caregivers is not always an easy thing to do.

I have
some regular sitters that I can rely on and trust. However, these
babysitters each have their own busy lives -- full of other commitments.
It is not unusual for me to reach out to three or four different
potential babysitters before I find someone -- particularly during the
day time hours. I have also had situations where I just haven't been
able to find a sitter so I ended up canceling or rescheduling my plans.

just say this -- finding consistent, reliable, quality childcare has
not been an easy thing for me. And I have often wondered why this
process can sometimes be so complicated and time-consuming.

Recently, my search for quality babysitting in the city led me to K. Grace Childcare.
Maybe you've never heard of this company -- but I bet that you are
exactly the type of family that would benefit from their services. K.
Grace Childcare primarily offers part-time babysitting that fits into
any family's ever-changing schedules (hey, like us!). That unique
feature is why this service has been a perfect fit for my family.

Grace Childcare specializes in providing Chicago families with
professional childcare services whenever they need it -- whether it be a
one-time evening request or a reoccurring weekly time slot. Basically,
when you need a top-notch babysitter, all you have to do is let K. Grace
know and they will find you a sitter who is beyond qualified for the

So that means you don't have to email or call your entire
list of available sitters to find someone for next Tuesday afternoon. As
a client of K. Grace, you simply make a request for a sitter (ideally
more than 48 hours in advance but they can work with less). K. Grace
then selects from a "team" of sitters who they have already determined
to be good matches for your family (based on both their extensive
screening process and your completed application).

This sitter
will show up at your house on time, take wonderful care of your kiddos,
and allow you the piece of mind to get done whatever it is you need to
take care of. It's pretty fantastic. This flexible service is perfect
for such a range of circumstances -- everything from changing work
schedules to days off of school or activities that conflict with a
baby's nap schedule.

For example, on a Wednesday afternoon in
late January, I volunteered to help out with my daughter's girl scout
meeting so I needed someone to stay with my four-and-two year-old boys. I
had booked a sitter weeks ago, but she had a change in her school
schedule and had to cancel. I reached out to K. Grace and they sent a
wonderful babysitter named Bailey over to our house. She kept my little
guys entertained, successfully managed a somewhat complicated schedule
of kiddie drop-offs and pick-ups and even dealt with a throw up
incident. Most importantly, my boys loved her.

Does this service sound like something that might make your life a little bit easier? Want to try it out? K. Grace
is offering a Chicago family the chance to experience their placement
process for free (a $40 value). The winner will have the opportunity to
experience what it is like to be a client at K. Grace (note that, in
order to provide the best level of service to their clients, certain
geographic limitations apply and the winner is responsible for
compensating the babysitter for her/his time).

Head on over to A Hen and Two (now Three) Chicks to enter to win (and get all the details on this unique giveaway).

if you don't win this week, check back here on Tuesday, February 8th for the
next installment in this four-part series on finding flexible and
convenient childcare in Chicago.

Next Tuesday, we will be talking
more about exactly how the K. Grace Childcare process works from both a
provider and client standpoint -- plus, you'll have another chance to
win a free placement from K. Grace!

Disclosure: I am working with K. Grace to help spread the word about their services and I am being compensated for my time.


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  • I've been using K. Grace for about 7 months and highly recommend this service! Great service and wonderful sitters that you can trust. I have a regular sitter once a week and a team of other sitters who can back up as needed.

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