New Year's Resolutions for Parents (Reposted)

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I never repost old entries -- but I am making an exception today. Earlier this week, I went back and reread a post I wrote last year at this same time about New Year's Resolutions for parents.

I feel like I could use these reminders myself right about now so I thought I would share them with you one more time.

Wishing you and yours a happy 2011!

(1) Play with your children. Turn off your cell phone, stop thinking about the work piled on your desk and engage with them. Be present.

(2) Focus on your child's strengths. Make sure that your child knows that you are his biggest cheerleader.

(3) Encourage creativity in its many forms -- even when it is messy and not on your timetable.

Spend more time reading with your children -- even if you already do
this on a daily basis. You aren't going to look back and wish that you
read to them less.

(5) Don't waste time worrying about what
friends and family members think about your parenting decisions. Do what
is best for your children and your family.

(6) Remember that each new day is another opportunity to do better, be more patient, etc.

(7) Teach your children to be grateful, loving, kind human beings by setting the best example that you can.

(8) Have realistic expectations of your children -- they are just kids after all. Don't sweat the small stuff.

(9) Ask your child lots of open-ended questions about her day. And then really listen to the answers.

Hug them. Kiss them. Love them. Take a moment every day to be grateful
for the totally amazing little people in your life. Life wouldn't be
nearly as interesting or magical without them.

Happy New Year to you, Chicago parents.


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  • A great reminder for this busy holiday season. I have to remember #3 whenever my daughter is working on her own art & craft project. :)

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