Wee Windy City Presents The Chicago Kid Holiday Gift Guide


Have you gotten started on your holiday shopping list yet? During this hectic time of year, I try not to get caught up in the buying frenzy. I want to spend my money on cool stuff, not just stuff stuff. You know what I mean, right? To that end, I thought that I would create a list of great gifts for "Chicago kids."

I've rounded up a collection of items that are made in Chicago, about Chicago, or otherwise celebrate the fabulous city we call home. Several different local retailers offered up their creative Chicago-inspired wares for this gift guide. You can check out the photo gallery below to see each item.

Support these wonderful local businesses! Surprise your awesome Chicago kid with one of these hometown-themed gifts!

In the spirit of the holidays, all of the stores on the Chicago Kid Holiday Gift Guide list generously agreed to donate their featured items to Association House -- which means that some really deserving Chicago kids have some pretty cool gifts coming their way.

So read on! (And you can check out more product details after the photo gallery).
2010 Wee Windy City Chicago Kid Holiday Gift Guide Participants:

(1) Psycho Baby (Chi-Town Hoodie from the PsychoBaby Custom Shop, $36, Melissa and Doug Cutting PIzza $19.99, Pizza Wallet from DCI, $6.)

(2) The Field Museum Store (Paint-and-Play Sue, $15.50). Psst . . . Field Museum members get double the discount on purchases from the store this week only (starting November 22nd).

(3) Larry Gets Lost in Chicago by Michael Mullins and John Skewes, Sasquatch Books 2010 (available at many local stores, including Barnes & Noble and the Museum of Contemporary Art Store, $16.95)

(4) Cubs Monopoly (available at Building Blocks Toy Store, $39)

(5) Freak-O-Bags (available from Reuseit.com, $14.95 each).

(6) Fred and Friends Chopsticks (available from Reuseit.com, $6.95)

(7) Loui Saves the Earth by Amexandra Gnoske (available at Green Genes, $9.98)

(8) N is for Nature by Tim Manger (available at Green Genes for $15.95)

(9) Bendaroos® are flexible building toys that are used to create 2-D and 3-D objects. Bendaroos® selected Chicago as one of the cities to receive a donation of 10,000 500-piece boxes. Four hundred Chicago Public Schools will benefit from this donation as students use Bendaroos® in the classroom as a creative learning tool. 

(10) 4-D Chicago Skyline Puzzle (available at Building Blocks Toy Store, $39.99)

(11) CTA Trains (available at Building Blocks Toy Store, $12.99 each)

(12) Chicago skyline project (kids create their own Chicago skyline out of all
recycled materials, including plastic packaging, fabric scraps, and a frame made
of tree bark), plus a $25 gift certificate for a workshop at Wishcraft in Roscoe Village.

(13) Sweater Spheres, handmade from repurposed sweaters (available at Green Genes, $24).

(14) First Pair of shoes from Piggy Toes, plus a $20 gift certificate towards the next pair.

(15) Chicago Bears 101: My First Team Board Book (available at Bullfrogs & Butterflies, $11.95)

(16) Goodnight Chicago by Adam Gamble and Joe Veno (available at Bullfrogs & Butterflies, $9.95)



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  • These are all great, but what about something a little more educational? I came across the Encyclopaedia Britannica 6-Book Interactive Science Library and thought it was pretty cool myself (even in my 20's). They are even a Chicago-based company, check 'em out ;-)

  • love the cta train. They will make great stocking stuffers. I am going to swing by the Field to get the paintable Sue too. Perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon. Thanks for the great tips!

  • In reply to cindymccarthy:

    Thanks for your comment Cindy! My boys are hoping to see those little cta trains in their stockings too.

    I've passed the word along to Santa.

  • N is for Nature looks like a great book. If you love nature like me consider growing a TickleMe Plant from seeds and watching how the leaves fold up and the branches droop when Tickled! Also The TickleMe Plant Book was a big help in having the TickleMe Plant produce pretty pink flower even in the winter. http://www.ticklemeplant.com See video it will wow you.

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