Fab ideas for fall fun from the Chicago Children's Museum


Guess who really knows what kids like? The Chicago Children's Museum.

No big surprise there, right? These folks are professionals when it comes to kiddie fun.

CCM recently reached out to me with some ideas for fall family fun.  I wanted to pass them along to you in the event that you are in need of some autumn inspiration.

Have your own Nature Treasure Hunt.  Give each member of the
family a bucket or a bowl to collect natural objects found on the
ground.  After everyone has filled their container, come back together
to look at and talk about what everyone found.  Sort the collection in
old boxes, bags or containers.  Take a roll of contact paper and place
it sticky side up - stick your found nature items on a piece of contact
paper to make a cool nature collage to stick in a window.

Make an artist out of a tree!  On a windy fall day, tie a paint
brush to a tree branch, dip the brush in dark paint, and place paper
nearby (on an easel or other tree trunk).  Watch the wind animate the
tree and create a work of art!

Jump in a pile of leaves.  There's nothing to this timeless fall
activity.  And if you lack a yard or enough leaves to make a pile, stop
by CCM for Pile It Up and Jump, Wednesdays in October and November at
2:30pm.  They'll provide the leaves--you just have to jump in them.

Become a nature artist.  Capture the spectacular colors of fall by
taking crayons or paints outside and painting with the colors you see
in the trees!

Examine a bird's nest.  Walk around your neighborhood or local
park and look for bird nests that are fully visible once leaves fall.
 You may be surprised to see how many birds make their nests close to
houses and buildings.  Examine the nests to see what materials the birds
used to make their nests -- like string, twigs or leaves.

Visit CCM for some festive fall fun! Experience the thrills and
chills of Healthy Halloween, Thursday, October 28, 5-8pm (free admission
for Kraft Free Family Night) Enjoy fun, age-appropriate activities as
community resources provide tips on how to enjoy the holiday with young
children.  And don't miss Cackle-a-thon 2010--CCM's 6th annual Halloween
special effects show-down on October 31 at 2:30pm. Laugh into the mic
and scare the pants off yourself!


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