Savvy Savings and Scholarships launches in Chicago


Hey, parents of preschool aged kids . . . I want to talk to you about something for a just a second. Have you heard of  the Savvy Source website? This site is an excellent resource for parents of preschool-aged kids (and I say that because I truly mean it, not just because I used to work for them and wrote much of the content for their Chicago site).

Savvy Source is a resource for information about local schools, developmentally-appropriate activities, classes, camps, and lots more.

Savvy Source recently launched a Savvy Savings and Scholarship Program. This program generally works like a daily deal site -- but with some charitable twists. Here are the details. Savvy Source offers discounted deals to local attractions. For example, the current deal is a 10-pack of passes to the Chicago Children's Museum for $50 (a $100 value). But here is the twist: Savvy Source will donate 5% of your purchase to YOUR KID'S PRESCHOOL and another 5% to a preschool scholarship fund for kids in need.

So it's kind of a win, win, win situation. This deal expires tomorrow night -- so go get it if you want it.

Disclosure: If you purchase this deal through a link from this post or through the widget on my other site, I get a small (seriously small) percentage of the deal as well. Just so you know.

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