Moms, meet Johnny Casserole

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Casseroles are cool again -- thanks to a guy named Johnny Casserole. I'm not talking about your mother's mystery noodle concoction -- I am talking about a freshly-made, delicious casserole delivered right to your door. Intrigued? Well, so was I.

Since April, Johnny has been whipping up tasty casseroles (served with a side of sass) -- and delivering them to the doors of hungry families all over town.

A home-delivery casserole business -- right here in Chicago. Genius, I say.

Here's how it works. You place your order (online
or by calling 773.398.2401). You can choose from options like The Beth Ann (chicken pot pie), Ain't Your Momma's (tuna casserole), For Your Thighs Only (mac and cheese with tons of add-in options) plus a selection of sweet and savory breakfast bakes.

Johnny will create a homemade casserole from scratch for you and your family. And then he
delivers it to your door --- complete with a crusty baguette from Red Hen Bread. You simply follow the baking instructions and you've got a home-cooked meal for your happy husband and kiddos.

Johnny for those weekday nights when one kid has soccer til 5:15, the
other kid has a major homework project he forgot to tell you about, and
you never made it to the grocery store. Or call Johnny and tell him to
bring a casserole over to your friend who just had a new baby
(nobody needs more onesies or sleepers -- 
send something yummy for dinner.)

Thinking you might be in the
market for a casserole? If you call Johnny and order one up before the
end of September and mention that you are a Wee Windy City reader, you get 10% off you order. So go ahead. Give Johnny Casserole a call. I think you'll be glad you did.

Johnny Casserole (who is actually this super nice guy named David)
brought my family a casserole (The Beth Ann) so we could could check it
out before I sent you all his way to get your own casseroles. It was delish (even the kiddos thought so).

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