Date Night: Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents Romeo and Juliet

On Sunday night, I headed out for a much-need date night and break from my day-to-day mommy gig. Except this time, my date wasn't my husband  -- he stayed at home to do dinner, baths, and bedtime. Love that guy.

Meanwhile, I hit the town with my Mom. Date nights with your mom (or substitute your girlfriend/ best bud here) are important too, you know.

So we waved goodbye to Daddy and the kiddos and headed over to Navy Pier to see the Chicago Shakespeare Theater's production of Romeo and Juliet.

This show isn't your typical take on Romeo and Juliet. Directed by the world-renowned Australian Director Gale Edwards, this production is intense, dark, and even a bit homo-erotic.

 And it's pretty darn good.

When it comes to the portrayal of the main characters, I unfortunately have to  agree with Chris Jones: what's love got to do with it? There is
absolutely no passion or romance in the relationship between Romeo and
Juliet. I found it hard to care about these two characters. Romeo is
kind of one-note. And the character of Juliet is played with such youth
and innocence that I really just wanted Romeo to her alone so she could
giggle with her friends or watch Glee or something.

However, the
staging, scenery, and costumes were fantastic. The actors who portray
Mercucio and Benvolio absolutely steal the show. The production is
exciting and engaging and edgy throughout --  the perfect starter for a
great date night conversation if you ask me!

Romeo and Juliet is playing at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater through November 21, 201. Visit the website to purchase tickets. 

Check out the photo gallery to see scenes from the show.

The Chicago Shakespeare Theater provided me with 2 free tickets so I
could check out the show and let you know what I thought about it.

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