The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond: Quite possibly the city's best kept secret

I hesitate to even tell you about this place. But it doesn't feel right to keep it to myself either. So here goes.

Have you ever been to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond? You've surely passed it thousands of times. The entrance is on Fullerton just west of the parking lot for the Lincoln Park Zoo.

But have you ever actually gone in there? You really should. This one-and-a-half acre space is a spectacular refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. I mean, it is absolutely beautiful. The best part is that very few people seem to know about it. I've never encountered more than a handful of other people on any of our visits.

The focal point of the space is the water lily pad-covered pond -- and of course all of the birds and other wildlife that wisely make their home here.

My kids like to stroll around the pond, look at ducks and venture very close to the edge of the water (which gives me a mini heart attack). I like to stroll around the pond on the paths, admiring the use of natural stone and native plants.

Next time you are feeling stressed or your kids are going bonkers (not that I am admitting this as the reason that inspired our visit today), head down to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond in search of some zen. Trust me -- you'll find it.

You can read more about the renovation of this space here and check out our most recent visit in the photo gallery below.

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