Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Photo courtesy of the Emerald City Theater Company

Last Saturday, we took our two oldest kids to see the Emerald City Theatre Company's production of Peter Pan at the Apollo Theater. I am happy to report that the production definitely passed my test for children's theater productions -- it was actually theater for kids.

The atmosphere was relaxed and kid-friendly (snacks were even allowed in the theater). The show ran for just over an hour. Kids were encouraged to participate by shouting out answers to questions posed by the cast members and general fidgeting was certainly allowed. So it was definitely a production designed with kids in mind (and I've found that isn't always the case with shows that purport to be for children).

The musical adaptation of the original story featured a very gregarious
Peter Pan, a not-too-scary Captain Hook, charming Lost Boys, and a cute
ticking crocodile. The story was easy for the little
ones to follow (although I was not so thrilled with the silly
ending). The acting, set and staging were fine, but not great. Those are
my criticisms as an adult theater-goer. My kids really enjoyed the show -- with one exception.
Throughout the production, Tinkerbell is represented by light and sound
only. Based on his familiarity with the story of Peter Pan, my four
year-old son was expecting to see Tinkerbell. He inquired about
her whereabouts no less than 20 times.

If you think that your kids would enjoy this show too, you still
have time to check it out. The production runs through July 22nd. Tickets start at $15 for
adults and $12 for the kiddos.  On June 26 and July 10 & 17, you can
take advantage of a special event called Peter Pan's Ice Cream
Adventure. For $15 a person, the kiddos can enjoy an ice cream treat
after the show, meet the cast members and pose for a photo on Captain
Hook's ship.  Check out
the website
for all of the details.

Disclosure: I accepted 4 complimentary tickets to see Peter Pan so we could check out the show. 

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