And the Winner of One Seed Chicago Is . . .

Monarda fistulosa courtesy of Prairiemoondotcom One seed Chicago.png

 . . . Bee Balm!

After four months of voting, Bee Balm has emerged triumphant over Purple Coneflower and Nodding Onion as the One Seed Chicago for 2010.

One Seed what, you say? One Seed Chicago is an organization that promotes gardening in Chicago. Each year, they offer free seed packets to all Chicagoans who want to participate in this city-wide gardening experience.

Any one who voted for their favorite prairie plant will soon receive a free seed packet in the mail. But don't worry if you didn't vote -- you can still request a free packet by visiting

This is an easy way to get your kids into the garden -- even if you don't have much outdoor space. A container pot and some sun will work just fine. Educators can also request seed packets for school gardens.

Check in with One Seed Chicago to learn more about future events planned for Chicago gardeners.

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