Q&A with Ralph Covert of Ralph's World

To celebrate the release of his new album All Around Ralph's World, Chicago-based children's musician Ralph Covert agreed to do a Q&A with Wee Windy City readers.

This is so exciting! Kids are wild about this guy. And as I mentioned before, he is the man behind my personal anthem -- M.O.M.M.Y. needs C.O.F.F.E.E.!

I put out a call for kids to submit their questions for Ralph. Chicago kids came up with some really clever questions. And Ralph has really cute answers.

Have a look at the Q&A below and then come back tomorrow for more Ralph's World!

I am giving away 3 copies of his new CD, All Around Ralph's World PLUS I have details on an upcoming free Ralph's World concert at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. So come back tomorrow!

Q: Ralph,
how do you write your songs? Do you write it on a newspaper? Do you
write it on music note paper? Do you write it in your house? Do you
write it with a mouse? (Madeline S. , 6 years-old)

A: Yes, I write them in my house. Yes, I write them with a mouse -- the mouse on my computer, that is!

Q: Where are you going to be performing in Chicago this spring and
summer so my family can come and hear your songs? (Eleanor G., 5 ½

A: There
will be lots of shows in Chicago this spring and summer, starting with
our CD release show on February 14 at the Old Town School. We will play
many festivals and other concerts as well -- please check
ralphsworld.com for details.

Q: What is your most favorite song ever? (Finn M., 4 years-old)

A: I
love different songs on different days, and for different reasons. When
I was a kid, my favorite song was "Go Go Pogo," by Walt Kelly. I made
my very own recording of it on the Peggy's Pie Parlor album. That was a
lot of fun!

Q: How did you learn to be a great singer and guitar player? (William R., 7 year-old)

A: By practicing, but mostly I just practiced because it made me happy to make music.

Q: Where do you keep your green gorilla? (Brendan G., 3 ½ year-old)

A: On my couch reading a book. Where do you keep yours?

Q: Do you have a good luck charm that you use before your shows? (Sophie F., 8 years-old)

A: My
good luck comes from being so lucky to have so many people who enjoy my
music, and are willing to share their love with me. That's the best
luck of all!


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  • I would love the new cd to test with the kiddos!

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