Here's linking at you, kid (February edition)


Time for another round-up of parenting-related posts. I thought these posts/sites were worthwhile reads. You might too.

For those of you in the Oak Park area, Marketing Mommy has compiled a nice little list of local restaurants where kid eats free -- always a plus.

In the February issue of Chicago Parent (full disclosure: I am a Contributing Writer at this publication), Liz Hoffman wrote a most excellent story about military families and the incredible sacrifices they make. Go read this now. And then hug your children and keep this story in mind next time you are tempted to complain about something (at least that is what I am doing).

For those of you who are really starting to tire of winter (and I imagine that is all of you), take a peek at SouleMama's 'Winter Manifesto." This might just be the survival guide you need to get through these last few weeks of cold.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about a site called The Happiest Mom written by author and mother of five Meagan Francis. Meagan writes about topics that all moms can relate to -- like sleep deprivation and feeling totally overwhelmed. Her posts are well-written and offer helpful insights. Plus, I love the simple focus -- how to love your life as a mama.

Happy reading.

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