For the chic geek: Barbie the computer engineer


Mattel conducted an online poll asking folks what type of career they would like to see Barbie take on next and the results are in -- meet Barbie the computer engineer. This lovely lady comes complete with smartphone, a Bluetooth headset, lap top (in pink, naturally), a t-shirt decorated with binary code, and the cutest little pink specs you've ever seen.

Computer engineer Barbie also comes with a special code to access
online career-themed content. She isn't available in stores yet, but
you can pre-order computer engineer Barbie on the Mattel website.

Considering that Barbie has already held nearly every job out there including cow girl and paleontologist, I actually think that computer engineer is a cool choice (says the glasses-wearing, lap top-loving girl).

It almost makes me want to buy my daughter a Barbie. Almost.

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