Did you bring your child with you to the polls today?


It is Primary Day here in Illinois -- which means that folks are lining up (but not really because the polling places are basically empty) to vote in some hotly contested races.

As I trudged through the snow to my polling place this morning around 9:30 with my one-year-old in tow, I regretted not having gotten up earlier so that I could have brought my three year-old and five year-old with me to vote before I dropped them off at school.

In past elections, I have always had my kids with me when I voted. It just seems natural to include them in the process  -- both to model for them the importance of participating in elections and because their future is really foremost in my mind when I cast my ballot.

So what about you. Do you bring your child with you to the polls? Are you going to watch the returns together tonight? How are you using today's election as a learning experience for them?


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  • I took Gus with me! I even had the poll workers take our photo.

  • We brought our 1 year old and he proceeded to eat his I Voted Sticker! Let the learning begin. It was fun to share it with him, the start of a new tradition.

  • I took my 3 1/2-year old with me and it was a really positive experience. Who knows how much he understands what was going on, but just hearing the words "vote" and "election" and seeing that dad participate was a good thing.

  • Love to hear about all of these young voters!

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