Here's linking at you, kid (December edition)


As usual, I've been spending way too much time perusing other parenting blogs when I should have been vacuuming or reading a classic novel or wrapping presents. But I also learned a few interesting things along the way. So I thought I would share a few more good links with you.

Over at Chicago Moms Blog, the always thoughtful and articulate Susan Bearman writes about how her son is benefiting from the assitive technology available through his iphone.  It is pretty cool to learn how technology makes life better for kids with special needs.

I am also a big fan of the new site Young Chicagonista. This site is powered by young, opinionated, mostly female, Chicago writers. Each contributor had a unique perspective on what it means to be a kid growing up in Chicago. I especially like this post about what makes a Chicagoan and "Life Under the Police Cameras" where the author questions the real value of the police cameras installed all over the West Side of Chicago.

Over at Hoo-dee-Hoo, Meredith Sinclair has some really clever ideas for holiday gifts for grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa are kind of hard to buy for, aren't they? If you are still looking for ideas, check out her post.

And finally, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season like I am (buy this, bake that, head off to this holiday party, don't forget about the school Christmas concert, etc.), you might want to think about celebrating the winter solstice. All you need to do is gather with your family and reflect on the year gone by and focus on your hopes for the brighter year ahead. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? I wrote an article about the winter solstice for Mindful Metropolis Magazine. If you are looking for some inspiration for your own celebration, have a peek.

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