A Mommy Holiday Coffee (courtesy of Corner Bakery)

December is a long month for mamas every where. You moms out there know what I am talking about, right?

You have to shop for everyone from your mother-in-law to your kids' teachers. Then there are all of the school events and work-related holiday events. You have to decorate, clean your house before the out-of-town relative get here, and whip up fabulous meals for your visitors. Then the kids are out of school for two weeks and you have to wow them with activities and events.

See what I mean? December really is a busy time for moms. So I decided to kick off this December by inviting some of my favorite Chicago mommies over for a low-key holiday get together where no one was going to have to do any work so we could all rest up for the busy weeks ahead.

Corner Bakery (which was founded right here in Chicago by the way) was kind enough to provide me with a full feast for my guests -- delivered right to my door moments before the party began. All I did was throw together some simple food for the kids, set out some crafts and activities, and make a pot of coffee.

The party turned out to be exactly the type of low-key, fun event I hoped it would be. Mommies sipped on coffee and chatted. Kids decorated holiday cookies and played with every toy in my house. Babies slept peacefully and cooperatively. And we ate and ate and ate.

Corner Bakery provided a basket full of their tasty sandwich selection (my favorite was the turkey with carmelized onions and some sort of artichoke spread). We munched on caprese pasta salad (which wasn't my favorite, but I've truthfully never met a pasta salad I liked). The veggie and dip tray was fresh and light. And then we attacked the sweets basket. We ate cookies. And brownies (regular and cream cheese brownies). And mini-bundt cakes. So yummy.

There were so many treats that I had to send everyone home with a plate to snack on later.

Here are a few pictures of the event (and keep reading to learn how you can win free Corner Bakery Catering to help make your busy December a bit easier).

As part of their holiday catering promotion, Corner Bakery has
devised a way that you too can give their catering a try (might makes
things easier for you this holiday too). All you have to do is go to
the Corner Bakery Facebook Fan Page. They have posted 12 photos from
parties hosted by various mommy bloggers featuring Corner Bakery food.
Then you need to vote for my picture (which is #1) before December 14th. 

If my party gets
the most votes, then I win a catering package to give away to one of my
readers (hopefully you). The Holiday Corner Bakery Package includes freshly baked treats like the signature Cinnamon Creme Bundt Cake, boxes of mini cookies and bundt bites, as well as a $50 gift card to be used for a Corner Bakery catering order.

So to review: Become a fan of Corner Bakery on Facebook. Vote for my picture. And stay tuned to hear if I get to give away a Corner Bakery Catering Package to a lucky Wee Windy City reader.

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