A holiday horse-drawn carriage ride


When I was about eight years-old, my aunt
surprised me with a horse-drawn carriage ride down
Michigan Avenue. At the time, I thought that the whole experience was positively
magical -- I still do, really. We snuggled up under a blanket and clip-clopped slowly through the streets. I was totally captivated by the sights
and sounds of the city at Christmastime.

I am hoping to surprise my kids with their first horse-drawn carriage ride this holiday season and I wanted to pass along the information in case you wanted to do the same.

Noble Horse Carriages is located at Chicago and Michigan Avenues. Prices begin at $35 for a thirty minutes ride (which should be long enough in this cold
weather). Check out the website for more information on making a
reservation during this busy time of year. Don't forget to really
bundle up so that you are able to enjoy the ride!

This has all of the makings of a great family holiday activity. You and the
kiddos get to enjoy the holiday spirit on The Magnificent Mile
without having to contend with all of the frantic last minute shoppers and hustle and bustle.


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