Sweet shoes Suri


The internet is all aflutter today over this picture of little Suri Cruise wearing a pair of silver, peep-toe high heels.

So yes, this is probably unsafe. And sure, the styles for kids these days make them look more like mini-adults than actual kids.

But all of this criticism is beside the point.

I want to know where Suri got these spectacular shoes. They are beautiful. Wouldn't they would be perfect for a holiday cocktail party? Do they come in a size 9?

So I say, walk on with your sassy shoes Suri (but do be careful because heels can be tricky for three year-olds).


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  • Even though I probably wouldn't let my 3 year old wear heels out of the house, Suri Cruise is too cute!

  • She is going to be such a little diva when she's a pre-teen.

  • I just came across an interview with Katie Holmes on UsMagazine.com (yes, I was reading UsMagazine.com -- snicker away) where she talks about the criticism she has received for allowing Suri to wear high heels. For those of you out there who would like a pair of these shoes for yourself (like me), Katie says that are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids.

    Here is the link: http://www.usmagazine.com/momsbabies/news/katie-holmes-defends-putting-suri-in-high-heels-20093011

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