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New parents are faced with so many decisions. Breast milk or formula? Co-sleep or let your wee one cry it out? This car seat or that car seat? And on and on and on.

I'm not afraid to say it -- I can use all of the help I can get. When it comes to making choices as a consumer, I was glad to learn about MightyNest.com. This is a site founded by a Chicago-area family to help parents create healthier
home environments for their children.

MightyNest.com brings together information
environmental and safety concerns (BPA, lead, etc) with the ability to buy alternative products
all in the same place. All of the items sold on MightyNest.com are
handpicked because they are safe and stylish. These folks have done the research for you and chosen the best products on the market. Clever, right?

My favorite part of the site is the education component. MightyNest.com provides really helpful information without being preachy or judgmental (because no parent needs any more of that). I recommend that you check out the post on five small changes your family could make to live a greener life. I love this kind of common sense approach.

Thanks to MightyNest.com, I am happy to bring to you the first Wee Windy City giveaway ever!
MightyNest.com is offering the following prizes to one lucky winner:

The MightyNest Totebag is made from 100% organic cotton and water
based inks. This cute bag is perfect for trips to the grocery store, library or
anywhere (retail value: $16.00).


The Thinksport Water Bottle is free of BPA
and toxic chemicals. This stainless steel bottle is super lightweight, has an easy-to-use spout and is vacuum sealed to keep beverages hot or cold
for hours (retail value: $19.99).


So how do you win these great prizes, you ask?
Check out the list of five things that every family can do to live a
little bit "greener" on the MightyNest.com website.
Then leave a
comment on this post telling me how your family is working to
be more eco-conscious (one comment per person please). I want to hear what small change YOU have made to do your part. All entries must
be received by Sunday, November 8 at midnight CST. I will choose my
favorite comment and contact the winner on Monday, November 9.

wait, there's more. MightyNest.com is offering Wee Windy City readers a
10% discount on all orders placed by midnight CST on November 10. Simply enter the code WeeMN10
to redeem.

So tell me -- what small change has your family made that has had a mighty impact?

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  • We've made lots of little changes in the last couple of years: installing a rain barrel, using rags instead of paper towels and reusing glass jars for storage. We also potty trained our second born early, which kept a lot of diapers out of the landfill. But there's still room for improvement. We're slowly adopting cloth napkins and I want to start composting this year.

  • we too do a lot of little things. we almost exclusively shop with reusable shopping bags (my husband needs gentle reminders!), we use reusable cloths for cleaning, reusable containers for packing lunches and food, etc. i would like to use cloth napkins more but am waiting until we have our own laundry machine. although we do wash our clothes with cold water!

  • first I really like MightyNest, we have ordered a number of products! Please continue the good work and include products geared to elementary kids too. We have made a number of changes, stainless steel food containers and thermos, lead and pvc free lunch box, reusable organic snack bags, green bags at grocery, non flame retardant PJ's, organic pillows and bed covers (although not all together organic, we tried wool mattress but they are very hard), chemical free sun screen, cast iron and stainless steel cookware, glass dinner settings, natural toothpaste, home house water filtration, glass storage of left overs, no microwave anything, chemical free laundry detergent, no fabric softner, all natural soaps (no triclosam), natural kids shampoo, more natural cleaning products but something I really need to improve on. Most importantly, no high fructose, no store bought meats, local fruits and veggies, and label reading like crazy! Small steps with a lot more room to learn and grow.

  • My family is using reusable bags, ditching reusable plastic water bottles as much as we can, switching to glass bottles....the little stuff all adds up in the end.

  • My house has started using greener products like Method and I love reusable bags.

  • We distill our water and cloth diaper, bring our own bags, use environmental household and beauty products, freecycle and buy second-hand as often as we can, etc. It's a way of life but I love it!


  • We have stopped using water bottles and using water in jugs to pour into canteens. Also, we are using more and more "green" bags so we are not using so many plastic bags at the grocery store. Also, we do not use our dishwasher anymore!

  • When I was young and in college, it didn't matter what I put in my body or what products I used to clean my house. Dollar store cleaners? Junk food? Yes! But expecting a baby quickly put an end to that. It was pretty much a no-brainer to start eating organic and start living healthy. I started scouring the Internet for parenting advice and stumbled upon a whole world of eco-parenting sites that just spoke to me.

    We proudly use cloth diaper with reusable cloth wipes. Because of our cloth diapering, we use Charlie's Soap for our laundry needs, so even less chemicals are being sent out into the water supply. Seventh Generation products as well as homemade sprays are used in our household. We also co-sleep so there was never a need to buy a crib or toddler bed. But I have to say the one thing that has made the mightiest impact in our household is using reusable shopping bags. I don't have that pile of plastic in my pantry anymore!

  • Ha! Our last 1 1/2 years of composting has rubbed off on our neighbors! A couple of families still find composting smelly and disgusting, but find it in themselves to throw their peelings in our composter. As we've all become better at it, our tumbler has become fuller faster than it can decompose. So, we've begun throwing our compost in our local school's in ground composter so to leave room for our neighbors to compost in ours! We've also encouraged our neighbors who attend the local school to compost there as well and they are!! Baby steps...

  • We have been integrating changes into our lives for the past 4 years. My two favorites are my reusable water bottle and reusable coffee/tea mug. Every time I get coffee or water the idea that I did not buy a plastic bottle or a disposable cup makes me a little happy.

  • I have tried to cut down on what I buy and buy more used clothes and toys for the kids. We also have a vermicomposter which has been great for our garden.

  • We reuse bags at the grocery store, and eco-friendly dishwasher detergent is what we pour.

    Our condo building uses eco-friendly light bulbs too, and biodegradable doggy bags pick up my Pug's poo :)

  • We do our best to live sustainably... we garden, work at home, drive as little as possible, raise chickens, build community with our neightbors, shop locally, eat locally,think positive, study the earth, believe in the Great Mystery and now I've recently begun blogging about sharing nature with children... so the most important of all... we teach our children to live close to the earth and in harmony with all that lives around us.

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