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During the precious (and infrequent) moments when all three of my children are sleeping and I should be working, chatting with my husband, folding laundry or exfoliating, I sometimes find myself reading other parenting blogs. 

As a new monthly feature on Wee Windy City, I thought that I would link to a few posts I've come across that I think are worth a read. That way, you can check them out if you are looking for a way to waste a few minutes when you should be unloading your dishwasher.
(1) My friend Sara (known in some circles as Self-Made Mom)
recently wrote an article for Babble where she interviewed Dr. Harvey Karp
about all of the toxic junk that is in the personal care products that
you buy for your kids.
You should read this. You won't believe the toxic stuff that your kids are splish splashing around in during bathtime.

(2) Over at Rookie Moms, the always witty and informative Heather and Whitney have a great post about iphone apps that your preschooler will love
(many of them free or under $1). This is a must-read. My daughter loves
to play with my phone and I love to let her because it passes the time
in such a nice, quiet way. Really good suggestions.

(3) Over at the Chicago Moms Blog, Angela wrote a moving post about taking her whole family to see Where the Wild Things Are . . . and the real wild rumpus back at home.

Have you read any really great parenting posts or articles this month? Leave a comment with a link so we can all check it out.


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  • Wow, that's all really helpful information. We're down here for the winter so if you want to come visit when you're in town:


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