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As the mother of a ten-month-old, diapers are an important part of my life. These are not an item that you want to be without when you live with people who don't yet know how to independently use the bathroom.

For many struggling families, diapers are a major expense. These things aren't cheap. And you go through a ton of them every single day.

So I was thinking -- next time you run out to pick up some diapers for your own baby, would you consider picking up an extra package to donate to another family?

I've decided to make a commitment to do this myself through the
holidays. I am at the store stocking up on these items anyway so it is
no trouble to put an extra package in my cart. And sure, it's just
diapers. But this small gesture might mean a great deal to another Chicago-area family.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were down to your
last diaper and didn't have the cash to run out and buy more? Not a
good situation -- very big mess potential.
So where should you bring these extra diapers? I found a few different options. The YWCA is currently collecting diapers and other baby items. In McHenry County, this diaper bank is trying to provide diapers to families who need them. I checked with the Great Chicago Food Depository and they said they collect items like diapers to pass on to shelters.

I encourage you to contact local agencies in your own neighborhood. Shelters serving women and children can always use items like this. Social service
agencies in your area will also be able to pass these items on
to families that can use them.

In my neighborhood of Wicker Park,
several local businesses are currently collecting diaper donations for
Connections for Abused Women and their Children (CAWC). Drop off sites
include: The Kid's Table at 2337 W. North Avenue; DeciBel Audio at 1429
N. Milwaukee; Children's Dentistry at 1611 N. Wolcott; Lubinski
Furniture at 1550 N. Milwuakee; Psychobaby at 1630 N. Damen; and NEW'D
at 1917 W. Division. Diapers will be picked up from these sites and
delivered to CAWC through mid-December.

Just something to think about next time you are at the store stocking up on supplies for your own little one.

If you know of other organizations that are collecting diapers for families in need, please leave a comment with more information.

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  • Thanks for this thoughtful post. It is a great idea, and I will definitely be getting some diapers and wipes together to donate. Its hard to complain about the cost of having two kids in diapers when there are families out there who can't even afford diapers!

    Cindy -

  • There are good stock-up deals on diapers right now. At Target, buy 2 packages Huggies, get a $5 gift card back and there are both manufacturer's and Target coupons available that can be used together. (More details at
    At, Seventh Generation diapers can be 40% off with the right coupon codes and such. Details at:

    Thanks for this reminder. Even though I have two in diapers, I have stocked up on so many boxes of wipes for free (at Kmart when they had double coupons and during a great Walgreens deal) that I really should share a few.

  • Thanks for the great info Carrie. Love those diaper deals.

  • And to save even more money, go cloth! Miracle Diapers is an organization that donates cloth diapers to moms all over the country.

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