Can your family live without television this week?


Today begins TV Turnoff Week. The idea is to keep your television off through Saturday.

Do you think you could do it? Do you even want to live a life that doesn't include morning cartoons and evening news? And what about the Bear's game this afternoon?

Will the kids be whining for Dora and Elmo? Will you be whining for Jon Stewart?

I am usually reluctant to jump on the bandwagon for "national whatever day" -- I mean yesterday was apparently national "talk like a pirate day" for goodness sakes. However, I do think that every family would benefit from reclaiming the hours that the television sucks out of their lives.

Think of the things you could get done during the time you had planned to watch Project Runway. What would the kiddos do if they couldn't plop down on the couch when they came home from school?

Is your family participating? Do you have big plans to tackle that scrapbook project or break out the board games during the time that you would normally be sitting on your couch and staring at images flash across the television screen?

At our house, turning off the television for a week might go totally unnoticed -- but computer turnoff week would be a whole other story. That makes me nervous.


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  • I totally support this effort. I really want to do it. It's just that.... well, my favorite show comes back on this week! I've been waiting for it all summer! Oh man. I guess that's the point, eh?

    Computer turnoff would be insane! That makes me think I should really do it. If only I had the willpower!

  • In reply to MeganCottrell:

    With my luck, I'd turn my computer off, then they'd send me an email saying it was okay to turn it back on - and I'd never get it.

  • In reply to MeganCottrell:

    There's nothing wrong with using television to entertain yourself. I look at the listings, then decide if I want to watch something. Too many people turn their TV on FIRST, then look for something to watch.

  • In reply to MeganCottrell:

    While I was writing this post, I was thinking about how my computer has replaced my television in so many ways. Sure, I use my computer for work, but I also waste a lot of time looking at this site, twittering,looking at Facebook just because.

    I've switched from wasting time in front of my tv screen to wasting time in front of my computer screen. Equal evils, if you ask me.

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    I've already been doing this for the past month. I moved into an apartment, from a house that had satellite service. The landlord is not open to me continuing with a dish and I refuse to deal with the local cable company (Comcast). When the tv is turned on, which has been about 1/2 dozen times since 8/15, it's either on the wii or a dvd movie/tv show box set. I get my weather and news from the internet. I do miss my Bears games though, but the color commentary on the radio does me just fine.

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    I went without TV, per se, for a period of 6 months. With the advent of the basketball season, I have just re-initiated my account with DirecTV. I find that the same old garbage is being shown and am seriously wondering if the games of my Alma Mater are now worth the expense of continuing it's usage. I may take another hiatus and elect to listen to the games on radio- very soon.
    DirecTV uses the common denominator in the fare they offer. There is some but very little intelligent programming available.
    I admit to watching a few favorite programs on my computer via a stream and have discovered a few that I found quite enjoyable. CBS, in their magnificence, does not stream a few of the programs that I had previously watched and as a consequence, I no longer watch them, You may say I kicked the habit.
    Give me a good book any day and I'm a happy camper.

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    The only show that I watch, Peter Gunn, has cut down from 2 half hour segments to one, 1-1:30 am Mon morning. TV will never replace the radio.

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    The only TV I watch is Netflix on my computer. I live behind a hill and can't get over-the-air. The History Channel alone doesn't justify the cost of satellite TV.

    But a crisis looms: Futurama has been renewed for the Comedy Channel, and I'm frankly not even trying to get over my infatuation with Turanga Leela. She's the most perfect mutant ever - no extra anythings. What am I going to do?

  • I agree, TV turn off, no problem. Computer outage, very serious problem. But TV's and computers are slowly becoming synonymous with each other so it can't be long before we start seeing more challenges for turning off the computer.

    I will fail miserably.

  • Duh, yeah, I can live without a TV.

    I haven't plugged my TV in for about eight months, and I've put it in a room I seldom enter.

    I probably could live without a computer, but that's a appliance of a different interaction.

  • Here is a shocker for you. I resent the whole conversion to television and didn't bother to do it. And I didn't watch it much before. Just propaganda for the masses. How can so many people just give themselves over to a box that keeps impressing upon them they can't be happy until they buy a certain product, lose weight, or pop pharma's latest miracle pill. What a waste of life.

  • In reply to FatNSassy:

    should read conversion to digital t.v.

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