Take your kids to a "preview" of the Air and Water Show


Photograph used via Creative Commons license.

The Chicago Air and Water Show takes place this weekend. Kids love this stuff -- F-15's,  Apache helicopters, Coast Guard boats, and of course the Thunderbirds.

Unfortunately, logistical limitations make this event less than kid-friendly. The reality is that most families won't even get anywhere near the action at North Avenue Beach because of traffic and crowds.

In my experience, throngs of people, hot summer sun and little kids
don't mix well. This is a very hard family outing to successfully
execute (even if you do everything right like take public
transportation and seek out a less crowded viewing spot).

Despite all of this, I know that many of you are planning on braving the crowds and bringing your brood to the lakefront to catch
a glimpse of the high-flying action. If you fall into that group, I wish you the best of luck.

But if
you want to catch the action and skip the traffic and crowd hassles, I
have a suggestion for you -- head down to the lakefront on Friday,

of the most popular acts will be rehearsing throughout the day tomorrow.  Sure, you probably won't see everything, but the kids will
be thrilled with the spectacle. And you will be thrilled to miss the
weekend rush. Everybody wins.


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