Millennium Park in Pictures

We have out-of-town friends visiting with their two children. Of course, I took my own advice and brought them to Millennium Park. And boy, did it deliver (as always).

Although I have gushed about my fondness for Millennium Park before, each visit reminds me of just how fabulous this place is for families. If you haven't already made a trip to Millennium Park this summer, you must, must, must make plans to do so.

Whether you take the el down from the northside or travel from the far western suburbs, I think you will be glad you made the trip.

Need some inspiration to start planning your visit? I've got it for you -- in photographs.


Cool off in the Crown Fountain.


Marvel at the Bean.

Visit the Family Fun Festival for some (totally free) arts and crafts -- like making your own sunglasses.


Or build a super duper tall skyscraper.


You could even get your hula hoop on.


If you get lucky, you might even happen upon a live musical performance in the Pritzker Pavilion.

We did all this -- and we weren't even at the park for more than two hours.

Imagine what your family could do there. For help planning your visit, check out the official Millennium Park website.

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