Eat-in for better school lunches


If you know anything about school lunches, you know that they are generally lacking (and that is putting it kindly). The trays of food served to school children are not the best that we can offer them -- not by a long shot. Much of it can barely pass for real food.

But it could be different. We could do better -- if we decided that nutrition for our children was an issue that we cared about.

If nutrition and school lunches are important to you, join in the lunch-in at Daley Plaza on Wednesday, August 26th from 11:00 until 12:30.

The event, organized by Slow Food Chicago, is intended to raise awareness about the Child Nutrition Act. So bring your lunch (or buy something delicious from one of the quality vendors) and sign the petition to show that you support healthy, real food at the lunch table.

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