Back-to-school blues


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I'm not the only Chicago mama who has the back-to-school blues, am I?

I know that there are others of you out there who recently sent little ones back to school only to return to your home or office and feel the onset of a sort of sad, empty feeling.

There were days over the summer when I thought that the first day of school could not come soon enough. You too, right? But mostly, summer was full of trips to the beach, bikes rides, and belated bedtimes. We moved at our own pace.

One more Popsicle? Why not. Jammies until noon? Let's do it. Can we catch fireflies? Absolutely.

I know that it is time to welcome structure and packed lunches back
into our lives. My kids are ready for a change too. This morning, we
woke to an alarm (6:15 am!). I prepared a proper back-to-school
breakfast -- oatmeal and fruit smoothies. My daughter dressed in her
crisp uniform instead of her bathing suit. We arrived at school a full
ten minutes early. As we entered her classroom, I watched her eyes
sparkle as she surveyed a sea of new friends and never-been-used

Tomorrow, I send my son off to preschool for more of the same.

of me does welcome this change of season and schedule. I have work to
do and an eight-month-old who would benefit from some one-on-one mommy
time. I know that my kids are going to hop into the car after school
and excitedly blurt out, "Mom, guess what I learned today?"

every first day of school leaves me with a teary, melancholy feeling. I
know that the summers and first days of school are going to fly by.
These beautiful little people who are my life's work are growing at an
impossible rate.

As I kiss them goodbye and say, "I'll see you after
school," part of me wants to whisper into their ears, "Don't go. Stay and catch fireflies with me."

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