A Tasty and Healthy Lunch at the Zoo? Yes, It's True.

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Photo by Caitlin Murray Giles

I have had my fair share of disgusting lunches at the zoo (both
Brookfield and Lincoln Park). And for that reason, I usually pack our
lunches when we make an excursion to visit our animal friends.

But my chaotic morning
left no time for packing sack lunches so we found ourselves in need of
sustenance at the Lincoln Park Zoo around noon today.

Our hungry tummies made a happy discovery. We decided to eat at the newly-opened Cafe at Wild Things and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. First, we loved the quiet, uncrowded, al fresco setting with a great view of the lions and seals. The masses don't seem to have discovered this little oasis yet.
The the culinary offerings went way beyond typical zoo fare. They offer three kid's meal choices: hot dog, turkey sandwich or pb & j. Each kid's meal comes with a juice or milk, a choice of fresh fruit, carrots and dip and animal crackers. And everything is organic. They serve many of the most familiar organic brands like Organic Valley and Earthbound Farms. You can also pick up a treat for dessert from the local Bleeding Heart Bakery. Parents can dine on salads, wraps, and "adult" sandwiches.

Now, all of this organic goodness doesn't come cheap -- each kid's meal costs almost $9. The meals do come with quite a bit of food though. Next time, I would split one meal between my three year-old and five year-old and simply order an extra drink.

Don't get me wrong -- this isn't going to become my go-to lunch spot or anything. But I am glad to know that I can get real, healthy food during a trip to the zoo -- definitely an improvement over limp french fries and soggy pizza.

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