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The Engagement... The Story

Photo courtesy of Courtney Dellafiora
To read about this couple's story, visit http://dellafiora.com/blog/
The engagement is just the beginning.  The engagement leads into the wedding.  Before the wedding, a story must be told… must be shared. Your engagement photos are the time for the couple to relax, have fun and natural looking.  Make it your goal to have a good time!  Be creative, choose the right location, tell your... Read more »

The Wedding Salon's Valentine's Day Honeymoon Getaway to Belize

With all this talk about a blizzard heading to Chicago, I was excited to hear about The Wedding Salon’s ultimate giveaway this Valentine’s Day with Romantic Travel to Belize! One lucky bride-to-be’s dream will become a reality with this fantastic celebrity-style honeymoon giveaway. You and your hubby could encounter the wonders of Belize with your... Read more »