Arrive in Style on Your Wedding Day

I receive many emails daily from wedding vendors but this particular company stood out to me.  I've been apart of a many wedding but honestly I've never seen a bride and groom arrive in a "muscle car."  If a couple is looking for a unique way to arrive in style on their wedding day, a muscle car will definitely be different than the traditional limo.

American Classic Rides (ACR) is a relatively new company (founded in 2010) that offers over 100 classic and muscle cars from almost every make and model from 1955-1972, along with select pre-war, like a Packard, and modern classic cars such as a Viper or a Shelby. A few Pickup trucks are also available. If you’re in the Chicagoland, Milwaukee or Lake Geneva markets, you can take advantage of the chance to ride, as owner Patrick M. Hurst says, “cars that are meant to be driven.”

ACR operates like a regular car rental agency offering drivers the chance to experience nearly 75 classic vehicles.  Their cars can be utilized for a number of different types of events, but they specialize in wedding services.  What separates them from every other classic car rental company is they let YOU drive the car.  However, they do have a chauffeur option, but most of their vehicles go out like a traditional rental car.

ACR can cater their services to any size event or venue.  The sky is the limit when it comes to being creative with their vehicles.

Event Examples are as follows:

  • Father & Daughter drive to the church
  • Bride & Groom take off to reception from church
  • Get-away car from the reception for the bride & groom
  • Get three cars (in-laws & bride/groom) - have your own parade from church to reception
  • Wedding Photo Shoots

If you are looking for a unique way to show up at your wedding in style, American Classic Rides offers an unmatched driving experience in a head-turning classic.

Happy Planning!

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