Coffee & Hot Chocolate Bars at Weddings

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Recently I attended an event and instead of having a coffee bar there was a hot chocolate bar and we had the option of Baileys and a couple of other alcohol choices with marshmallows and whip cream to add to it.  I thought it was so cool.  After seeing this, I began thinking that as the wedding reception winds down and guests have indulged the wedding cake and other sweets, of course more than a few will inquire about coffee.  So how about incorporating a coffee bar at your wedding reception?  And since we're in the winter and holiday season, how about adding a hot chocolate bar too.

Some items to include as part of a wedding coffee bar are:

  • Different types of coffee (espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc.)
  • Different coffee flavors
  • Unique coffee toppings or mix-ins
  • Coffee compatible desserts
  • Choice of hot and/or cold coffee

Coffee bars can be used at the end of the evening after dessert; they are great for a brunch reception; or even a non-alcoholic alternative to an open bar or cocktail hour between the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Below are pictures of some great coffee and hot chocolate bar ideas.  Enjoy!

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  • I love dessert bars at weddings. We've been at weddings with frozen yogurt bars and candy displays. They're great favors too!

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