Colorful Manicures on Your Wedding Day

Who said you can't add a little color or bling! to your manicure on your wedding day?  Your dress is not the only highlight of the day.  Everyone will want to see your wedding ring and what better way to show off your beautiful ring than with a gorgeous colorful manicure to compliment it.

Tips and Ideas for Gorgeous Wedding Day Nails:

  1. For the perfect nails on your wedding day, it is essential keep your hands hydrated by moisturizing them often, drink plenty of water, push back cuticles and keeping nails in shape by filing them..
  2. The French manicure is the classic and traditional way; however, adding a splash of pink, red or even black will surely bring some sparkle and attention to your nails.
  3. Neutral colors keep the overall modest bridal appearance, but adding a twist to the traditional colors will definitely compliment the alternative look.
  4. For a wedding day manicure that will last until you're back from honeymoon, I would suggest investing in a no chip manicure (approximately $35).

With these tips and ideas you will surely have fabulous nails on your wedding day.


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