What is all this Hookah talk about?

A Unique Idea for a Wedding Reception


I am always on the lookout for unique wedding and reception ideas.  One of my followers on Twitter, Partipig (an event planning company in Atlanta) sets up Hookah tables for wedding guests.  I thought this would be a unique idea for someone who wants a Moroccan themed wedding reception or just something different.


After seeing the display Partipig did for an event called *Bridalpalooza, I was intrigued to know more about this company and the Hookah setup.  So I reached out to Sky Lee, the owner of Partipig, to find out exactly "what is all this Hookah talk about."


For those who do not know what a Hookah is, the actual Hookah itself is a slim vase shape that varies in height which consists of either one, two, three, or four openings in the middle for a hose.  The top consists of a dish and a bowl. Inside the vase, water is added up to a pipe connected to the rest of the Hookah.  The bowl is where the shisha (tobacco) goes into.


Hookahs are completely legal and safe. There's absolutely no nicotine so an addiction to Hookah is impossible.  It's smoking for non-smokers.


A Hookah can be used as a centerpiece at a wedding reception. "Since it emits a lot of smoke, reserve it for use at an outdoor gathering, on a deck or in an open garage. Purchase exotic flavored tobacco such as apricot, mint, cola, jasmine, caramel or a cocktail flavor. Play soft, soothing music to create a hypnotic effect."  ehow.com 


Hookah bars are quite popular here in Chicago.  Instead of going to the Hookah bar, which can become quite expensive, it may be a good idea to use one as a centerpiece for your next event.  There is a local store in Chicago, Guess Hookah which sells Hookah supplies and accessories.  Just mention to your party or wedding planner that you are interested in having a Hookah set up and they should be able to accommodate you.


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*Bridalpalooza is NOT a bridal show.  They do not want to show you the latest bridal trends, or just let you talk to wedding professionals or for that matter allow you to just compare offerings.  They want you to EXPERIENCE your planning first hand! Bridalpalooza is the first bridal tour that showcases the best in wedding planning and venues that a city has to offer as well as infuses lifestyle brands that take you far beyond the I Do. 


Bridalpalooza will be gracing Chicago with its presence on August 7, 2011 (stay tuned for details).


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  • It's a great idea!!!!
    My sister had hookahs for her Wedding last summer. But they've prefered to use stylish ones it was better with their wedding theme(nothing oriental). It was a real fun - and indeed all the guests were amazed!
    The beautiful hookahs came from a french company, i guess their website should be www.airdiem.com, but at least last year they were shippind to USA. Me and my fience we start thinking about organising hookah table at our reception as well.

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