Something Old...

Something Old...

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.


This is a good luck saying which dates back to the Victorian era and many brides will try and ensure that they have something of each in their wedding outfit.


Something Old is meant to represent the link with the bride's own family and the past particularly mother or grandmother or even most distant relations. Something old is symbolic of continuity. To symbolize this link brides may choose to wear a piece of antique family jewelry which belonged to the relative. Alternatively, they may select something from the mother's or grandmother's wedding gown.


Today, many brides choose a 'non-traditional' route.  Last year I planned a wedding in which my clients chose to display photographs of family members who had passed away.  These photographs were placed on a tree that the florist Dilly Lily, made for them.  This symbolized the brides Something Old.  This was also the backdrop for their guests table cards.


Below is a picture that I took of the tree with the 'vintage' photographs.




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