Weddings...Chicago Style!

Weddings...Chicago Style!




Chicago has some of the most beautiful venues to host weddings and receptions (indoor and outdoor).  Chicago also has some of the best wedding photographers, florists, pastry chefs, DJs, bands and designers in the U.S.  You name it -- Chicago's got it!


I do have a "personal" few that are my favorites but check back daily as I will be sharing those with you, as well as all the latest wedding trends going on in this marvelous City.


Since I have been planning weddings in Chicago, most of the couples I have worked with are usually not from Chicago but decide to have their wedding here instead of going back home to where they are from.  


Chicago is a great "destination" spot for a wedding because Chicago has so many attractions for people visiting this wonderful City.  Some attractions include:  some of the best restaurants in the U.S. (for any budget), Millennium Park, Garrett's Popcorn (yum yum!), The Taste of Chicago, Chicago Cultural Center, Lincoln Park Zoo, Willis Tower, and a number of museums in the various neighborhoods in Chicago.


Couples are always asking for suggestions on what their guests should do while here for their wedding weekend because most guests are traveling from out of town.  Although I named some of the most popular attractions above, another suggestion would be to visit the Explore Chicago website, which will give you an extensive guide to all the various things to do in this city.  Click Attraction Search.


I am inspired daily when it comes to weddings, and surely Chicago does not disappoint because there is always something new and exciting to add to the "list" which is why I can't wait to share with YOU on this blog. 


Chicago is my kind of town!!! Oh yes it is...


Ciao for now,

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