It's not all about the Bride (or is it?)

It's not all about the Bride (or is it?)

It's Your Wedding too, Guys!




At an event I attended recently that The Knot hosted, I met Alex Tsebelis of Formally Modern Tuxedo located in Lincoln Park.  During our chat, he stated that "renting" or "buying" the tux for the wedding is usually the last thing on the list for men to do.  I found this to be interesting because when I meet couples, the groom-to-be almost always asks me about the attire for the men at the beginning of the wedding planning process.

Honestly, I think it just ends up at the bottom of the list because the bride-to-be, traditionally speaking, is the "center of attention."

Times have changed and are continually changing.  

Since the 21st Century began, it has been my experience that the groom-to-be is becoming more and more involved in the wedding planning process.  Some are even taking complete charge in the planning process. 

Though guys say all the time that they do not want to be involved, it's her decision, etc., etc., every single couple I have met the groom-to-be has been very much involved.

There is a wedding website that has been created specifically for the GROOM called TheManRegistry, featuring a wedding registry for men, groomsmen gifts, how-to guides and a local vendor directory.  The Man Registry offers a complete wedding planning experience for guys, minus the flowers.

Their official blog at offers daily posts on bachelor party ideas, toast-writing tips, engagement ideas and weekly guest columns from some of the top names in the wedding industry.

So guys, though it really is all about your bride-to-be, there is no reason for you to feel left out because it's your wedding too!!!


Happy Planning...


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