Holidays vs. Wedding Diet

Holidays vs. Wedding Diet


I personally know how difficult it is to watch what you eat this time of year because food is everywhere.  From holiday parties at your job to attending family and/or friends holiday gatherings throughout the entire holiday season, WE are faced with one common denominator--FOOD!


I found a great article by David Toussaint of and wanted to share his insight on this topic because he and I both agree how discouraged brides get during this time of year in watching their weight so that they will be able to fit in their dress next year.


Reaching Your Bride Weight Even When Treats Are Everywhere

By David Toussaint


As you carefully watch what you eat to make sure you look great in your wedding dress, there might be one event you didn't factor in--the holidays.  The average person gains two pounds over the season (it's not uncommon to gain 5-7lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years), and for the girl who's already watching every morsel, it could be the wickedest time of year.  Here are a few jolly tips to keep you healthy, happy and fit.


Before you read (or do) anything else, it's important to know that crash-dieting is never a good idea.  Too often it leads to binging, it can be unhealthy, and it doesn't keep weight off for the long haul.  If you want to trim up before your wedding, start watching what you eat immediately after the date has been set.  If your goal is to lose a pound a week, you'll be in great shape by the day of your wedding.


When the holidays approach, you're likely to hit a few parties (work, family, friends) where sweets and alcohol lurk. You don't need to stay at home; just take precautions. For starters, have a healthy snack or meal before any party, so you don't turn sugar cookies into dinner. Alcohol is a lot like ice cream; it goes down smooth, then stops at your hips. When possible, skip the mixed drinks (anything sweet has extra sugar), and stick with wine (white is less-fattening). Drink lots of water, and don't over-indulge. Not only will you look and feel better the next day, you won't have to worry about wedding planning with a hangover.


Brides have a hard time exercising during the holidays because, in addition to the pressures of the season, you're planning a wedding. Spin class is often the first thing you skip. Find at least 20 minutes a day to do some sort of physical exercise--the treadmill, running, long walks. While you might think you don't have the time, exercise gives you extra energy for the day ahead. Statistics show it also helps you sleep better.

Families will not only be in the holiday spirit, they're going to be celebrating your newfound bliss. Often that means inviting you over for toasts and goodies. Since you don't want to insult your future in-laws, practice the art of nibbling. Have a taste of everything placed in front of you, and leave it at that. Even if you take a bite out of a fancy dessert and give the rest to your fiancé, you can still tell his mom how wonderful it tasted.
-David Toussaint


Brides you can still enjoy the holiday season with your co-workers, friends and family.  Just stick with the tips listed above, and you'll look spectacular in that dress!


Happy Planning and Happy Holidays!!!


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