Congratulations! You are Engaged...

Congratulations! You are Engaged...

Congratulations! I would like to personally say congratulations to all the happy couples who have recently gotten engaged this 2010 holiday season. 


Now that you are engaged and the excitement has settled in, I know happy couples all over are thinking of the next step to take.  But first, you need to figure out how you would like to spread the happy news.


Here are a few steps that I wanted to share:



v    In terms of etiquette, couples should tell their parents or children from a previous marriage or relationship first. This is a good time for brides- and grooms-to-be to introduce their parents (if they haven't already met).


v    One mistake couples often make is becoming so excited by the engagement that they tell everyone they know. A couple should be sensitive to announce the news to people that they know they're going to invite to the wedding. Don't invite people to an engagement party that won't be invited to the wedding.


v   Start making a list of the most important details of the wedding day.  Choosing a date should be first on your list, venue second and if you want amazing food for your guests, you should have this at the top of the list too. This is important information to share with a wedding planner, if applicable



At this point, it's also time to start discussing if you need or want a wedding planner.  Picking a wedding planner can be difficult and I will be sharing more about How to Choose a Wedding Planner after the New Year.

Check back daily for all the Wedding Scoop in Chicago.  I will be taking time off for the rest of the year and will return on January 3, 2011 to bring you all the latest ideas, trends & more for the 2011 and 2012 wedding season.Until then, I would like to Wish Everyone a Safe and Prosperous New Year!!!

Ciao for now,


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