The "not so" Traditional Wedding Favors

The "not so" Traditional Wedding Favors

Chances are when you attend a wedding reception you receive traditional wedding favors. 


Most brides and grooms today still give traditional wedding favors to their guests.  Shot glasses, chocolates, candles, bubbles, coasters, keychains, matches, picture frames, magnets, etc., any of which are simple and thoughtful ways to thank you guests for sharing your special day with you...but isn't that boring. 


At many of the weddings I have attended, I have noticed that guests either leave the favors behind or throw them away.


I like to suggest to couples to add a Chicago flavor to their guests since most of their guests are coming from out of town.  This can be done by using a Chicago tradition.  You may be thinking Chicago Cubs, or maybe the Chicago White Sox or even the Chicago Bears...not exactly what I had in mind.


Okay so why not celebrate your special day with original wedding favors from Garrett Popcorn Shops. These gifts will grace every table with elegance and style.  And if you want to add a touch of the Chicago Cubs or any team in Chicago (even the Chicago skyline) to your guests, Garrett's Popcorn offers various tin designs.



Garrett Popcorn is a Chicago tradition, unchanged for 60 years, handmade fresh every day, one batch at a time, using only the highest quality ingredients.  So how can you go wrong --- guests will love it!  Heck, Oprah even loves it as Garrett Popcorn was listed as one of Oprah's favorite things!



For more info, visit to contact one of Garrett's Popcorn consultants today to discuss the wedding packages they have available.  In the meantime...


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